What does data retention and security mean for your business?

Business owners often don't have time to think about the importance of their data. It is always conveniently available, until it's not. Sometimes you need an old file that is nowhere to be found. Sometimes data goes missing or hardware fails unexpectedly.

We covered backups in a previous article, but you should also consider your data retention policy and security policy. How long do you need to keep data? How long are you required to keep data? We all know Uncle Sam can ask for receipts up to 7 years later, sometimes longer depending on the circumstances. Did you know in Oklahoma, dental records are required to be kept for six years and even two years after a patient's death? Dental is just one example of legally required minimums for data retention. Every industry has its own laws and regulations, and we can help you make sense of them.

You should also consider who has access to all of this data. Production and archival data may require different security policies. Aspire Business Solutions works with information assets on a regular basis and can help you get a grasp over your data retention and security.

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting where we can help you assess the integrity and security of your data. We often don't get that call until it's too late, so don't hesitate!

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