Voice Over IP

        A VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system can replace your traditional phone system by utilizing your existing computer network instead of phone lines. They are cheaper, more flexible, and more manageable than a traditional phone system. Please reach out to us to discuss switching your phone system soon. 

        VoIP Phone Systems are replacing traditional phone systems at an increasing rate in today's modern office for several reasons. VoIP phone systems consists of software based phones that use the internet to make phone calls. A VoIP system offers mobility, scalability, integration, as well as financial incentives to switch from your traditional system. Due to the value of a VoIP system and the local technology considerations because of unpredictable weather here in Oklahoma City, we always presents our clients with the option to implement a VoIP system. We understand that communication is key for your business,  and a VoIP phone system can help keep that on track. Your sales person could get that important voicemail from his/her desk phone to his/her email on their cell phone instead of waiting to find out it went cold by the next morning. A VoIP system could let your employees forward their office phones to their cell phones instead of risking driving to the office on slick roads during a winter storm. VoIP systems are also easy to rescale.

        Adding a phone to your system is also extremely easy. All you would need to do is purchase the phone, letting us configure it in our office, and then setting it up wherever you want it! There is no need to have someone come and install a phone jack in your wall if you want a phone in a new location. We simply use existing internet connections to connect your phones to your server. Because VoIP systems use the internet to handle phone calls it can also save you money. With a VoIP system setup, we handle the back end of your phone system, which means that you don't have to pay another company to service your phones. Since Aspire does operates with no service contracts this can save you a ton of money! We will setup your VoIP system, and then only service it when you need us to. If you combine a VoIP system with remote desktop setup, you have a mobile workforce on demand. Do you already have a VoIP phone system setup by someone else? Are you unhappy with their service? We are more than happy to service or repair your VoIP phone system for you! We are able to come to your business and manage your phone system without having set it up ourselves. One of the benefits of a VoIP phone system is that management of it is very simple. We do not have to deal with another service provider to take control of your phone system. VoIP systems require your own server hardware to run, so in the event that you are unhappy with your VoIP service provider, regardless of who it is, you are able to change your IT provider (service provider) and change your VoIP system along with them in a very quick manner. Some of the VoIP services that we offer include:

  • VoIP Phone System Setup

  • VoIP Phone System Server Setup

  • Phone System Monitoring

  • Remote System Maintenance

  • Phone System Repair

For more information about VoIP see our blog post, or contact us to talk about switching today!

For more information about VoIP see our blog post, or contact us to talk about switching today!


        If you've ever had a server crash, you know what kind of headache it can cause! One of the cheapest and most effective preventative measures you can take to protect your business is virtualization! It can protect your data, and restore you faster in a disastrous event.

 in a fraction of the time required for a new physical server to be set up for your business. Virtualization also helps us be more agile and responsive, because with our free backup monitoring services, in the event of a catastrophic failure (such as a lightening strike, flood, or torando), a physical hardware failure, or some man-made catastrophe strikes, we are able to quickly restore your server to get you back up and running. Is your server running slowly or having performance issues? We can help with that too! Virtualization can also help you make the most of an older server, or older hardware. Virtualization lightens the load on the physical machine, meaning that if your server is somewhat older, you may be able to boost it's performance by implementing virtualization. Virtualization can also help to simplify your data management. With a virtualized server, we are more easily able manage all of your data from one central place. We are also able to more easily backup and restore your data in the event that we should need to do so. Are your servers or hard drives more than 5 years old? You are already running the risk of hardware failure. Virtualization is no longer on the bleeding edge of technology, it has been tried and proven to be an effective method of managing your server and the information on it. Industry professionals count on PC virualization to help keep their clients safe from hardware failure. Virtualization works by creating software versions of your hardware. When ever a program on your PC asks to have access to its physical components, your computer will offer up a software version of that component, then translate that request to the appropriate physical hardware.  This wasy you computer can more effectively utilize its resourcesTo get the most out of your server, let us virualize it, so that if it does fail we can easily get you back up and running again. Some of the benefits of our virtualized servers include:

        Virtualization lets you save an entire "snapshot", or copy of everything on your server, so that if you do go down we can help get you back up quickly! If you have experienced a server crash before, which can be caused by faulty hardware, severe

weather, or a stupid end user, you probably have experienced the long wait required to get back up and running. First , you need to wait for the server to arrive, then you will need to wait to have the operating system reinstalled and configured, its functions replaced, and finally  the server must be adopted into your network,  and even then you can only hope that there are no problems that you may have worked around with your old server but that now must be fixed again after you had forgotten about them! Our virtualization services can help avoid these problems by getting you back up and running quickly! If something happens to your server and it needs to be replaced, virtualization allows us to have you back up and running

  • Reduced down time after server failure

  • Easy server replacement

  • Hardware independence

  • Simplified data management

  • More efficient use of server hardware

Virtualization is one of the best and easiest ways you can protect yourself. That's why we even use virtual servers in our own office! Contact us today to talk about setup today! 


Email Migration

        We suggest leaving email migration to the proffesionals, who have the knowledge and experience to help you through the proces, and to ensure that all of your important emails and contacts are not lost. One of the often unaccounted for problems with email migration is that it is against the interest of any company providing email services. The harder it is to migrate your email, the more likely you are to stay with them. Therefore, email migration has become a very difficult task. There are also many other reasons you may need to do an email migration. You may be consolidating multiple accounts into one, or backing up your emails to another location. Backups are an important part of securing your data, but you may not have considered the many other reasons that email migraitons are often done. One such reason is to  migrate your email data to a backup drive or server. Obviously backups are very important (another service which we offer) bu settuping up email backups is not as easy as it seems. You may also be upgrading your email application from one version to another, which will require an email migration. With our email migration services, we can help you keep track of all of your information such as your: 















        Your emails are very important to you. We know how much you depend on your emails, appointments, contacts, and schedule, and you may have them tied to something like Microsoft Outlook. When you need to change email services it can be difficult to move all of your information because most email clients use different types of files to store the same information. Contact us and let us help you by offering our email migration services to quickly and conveniently move your information for you.

  • Email

  • Contacts

  • Calendar Reminders

  • Personal Notes

        Email is one of the most important 

things we use to help us stay in touch with people in the office today. Whatever you use to manage your email, chances are, it does not save your information in the same way that any other product or service does. When you change which email service you are using to keep track of everything, it is not easy to move it all and when you are done how can you be sure that it was all gone? The process of moving your email, and all the information that goes with it, to a new platform is called email migration. Email migration, even though it is a common practice, can be a tricky practice. Managing email profiles and making sure they are put in the right place is not an easy task.

        Email migration can cause major headaches for you and your business. The time taken to make sure that all of your content is transferred can be costly if you are leaning to email migration yourself. With over thirty years of experience, we have the knowledge to help complete your email migration quickly and effectively. Let us take care of your migration needs so that you don't have to worry about it! Email migration is one of our featured services because we have done many of them. Email migration is a very common business practice today, so chances are high that email migrations is something that you will have to deal with at some point with your business. Let the Oklahoma City IT professionals help you by taking care of your email migration for you! Our fast and professional email migration services will have you back on your feet in no time. Email migration is important to your business, as are your emails. Moving emails services is an unnecessarily complicated process (to the benefit of the email management service providers). But don't let email migration get you down, we would love to take it off your hands! Email migration is one of our featured services because is one of our most requested services. Many people have multiple reasons that they need to move their data, but unfortunately, email migration can be a tricky process, why not let the Oklahoma City IT services leader help you out?

Are you facing a situation which requires email migration?  Contact us today to see about your email migration through Aspire Business Solutions today!


Office 365

        Office 365 is Microsoft Office's new solution to the problem of releasing a new version of Office every year. Instead of buying a product key for your copy of Office, you buy a subscription with your Microsoft account and gain access to whatever product subscription you have. This meant that with Office 365, in addition to having access to the normal desktop versions of Office software you can also take advantage of office products online, unlike with its previous iteration Microsoft Office. Business Office 365 subscriptions also come with services such as Skype for Business, and Exchange online, a popular email hosting service, and extra OneDrive storage.  If you own a version of Microsoft Office released after 2011, you can still purchase an Office 365 subscription and gain access to its online features. If you own an older version of Microsoft Office, a subscription can still be purchased to accompany it, but with only limited functionality. Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used word processing suites today. Office 365 can be confusing to set up or purchase because it represents a new way to manage your Office software.

        Office 365 is the subscription based plan through which Microsoft offers access to its applications. Getting your business set up can be somewhat of a chore, so let us help you. We work with Office 365 every day and can help you get setup and installed quickly. Please send us an email to set up a meeting to talk about Office 365.

        Before Microsoft Office 365 if you wanted to purchase Office software for your business you would need to purchase either a disk from a store or a code from Microsoft and then download it. Once you had the key that you had purchased for Office from Microsoft you would launch Office at which point you were prompted for that key to be able to activate the product and use it. When Microsoft switched to the Office 365 subscription based system, they did away with keys and redeeming software. Instead, Office 365 is subscription based. This means that you purchase a license from Microsoft on their website, and you then have permission to download and use the software from them. For a single user, there may not be much of a difference, but they are there, even for them. One of the main benefits of Office 365 for just an individual user the ability to manage your software installations form the Microsoft Office 365 administrator console. If your laptop is stolen or broken, or your installation media breaks, you would previously need to buy a whole new copy of Office to replace the old one. Ouch! With Office 365, however, you can simply log in to your Microsoft account, choose to deactivate your other installations of Office (in the event that your hardware is stolen or otherwise compromised) and then reinstall, all from the same place! Much easier!

        The real benefit, however, of Office 365 comes to businesses. While they above scenario also applies to them, your business also has other concerns, for example, you will need to manage your install and download count to make sure that you do not exceed the number of installs that you are allowed by Microsoft. Office 365 is a great solution to this problem, as you can simply unassigned any licence given to any employee (or former employee), and reassign it as needed. This means that you do not need to worry about your employees misusing your Office 365 licenses. You have complete control over who can use the Office products that you have purchased for your company. Office 365 makes it easy for your business to maintain control of your software, so that you do not have to worry about breaking the law, and so that you don't have to worry about switching ownership of the software, should you ever need to.

Office 365 and the Office suite are important to the functioning of your business. Please reach out to us to talk about any help you need with Office 365, or to get set up on it.


Malware Removal

        Current threats to your computer or business network have evolved past simple viruses. Malware can be very costly to your business, if you become infected, please contact us immediately​! Continuing to use your infected machine could lock, corrupt, or delete your files, steal your information, or hurt your operating system files. Contact us to help you clean your machine!

        Did you know that there is a difference between malware and a virus? Malware is unwanted software that causes the end user harm. Malware is designed to hide itself or disguis its original purpose. Obviously the terms virus and malware are basically used interchangablly, but they are not the same thing. What is the difference you may ask?  A virus is a specific type of malware. Did you know that viruses are considered ineffective, outdated threats in modern times because virus protection is so advanced and common today? Yes, you can still get one if you are not careful, but you are much more likely to encounter other types of malware, like a key-logger, a Trojan, or some ransomeware. Anti-malware and malware removal are a much larger category to address than anti-virus and virus removal. Adding to the confusion, combating Malware and malware removal themselves have become corrupted by malware! Have you ever seen a pop-up add telling you that you need to call a number to pay for malware removal? This is a common tactic to trick people, but is actually malware itself! Luckily this is usually just a popup and does not require removal. A related, and much more common, a Trojan Horse is a program that tricks its users into thinking that it does something else, usually something legitimate. These Trojans can be some of the hardest types of malware to remove, as they are hard to find in the first place. Malware like ads that cover your screen are at least obvious, and you know that some malware removal is required. When looking for the best option for malware removal,

you must also wadethrough all the options to do so. The first option, that is not a bad one, can also help prevent malware in the first place: built in protection. Windows does comes with its own protection software than can also help remove viruses, Windows Defender. We recommend all of our clients use Windows

Defender to helpprevent malware. There are also many

companies who sel anti-malware and anti-virus software:

Kaspersky, Norton, and Avast are some of the more

popular brands. While these software packages definitely

can do some to help protect you and can provide some

basic malware removal tools, the problem with them all

is that they are still only simple programs. They malware

and viruses that you encounter are designed by very smart

people who want to trick other smart people (security

experts), and it is hard for those security experts to keep up.

The hackers have the advantage of striking first, and the good

guys must respond after the threat has already been discovered. Being a consulting company, we deal with many viruses and have the experience required to provide you with knowledgeable and effective malware removal service. So

don't wait! Let the Oklahoma City IT service professionals remove your malware before it becomes more of a problem!  Thousands of people a year are infected with malware, viruses, or related software. There are many websites on the internet dedicated to selling stolen credit card information, often times obtained through infected computers. Criminals are always looking for the next way to  get to your information and compromise your data. With our malware removal services you can rest assured that if your computer does somehow become infected, it will be completely safe and clean when you get it back. We have years of expertise in malware removal, and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solutions. This can help keep your information safe in the event that you are infected with malware. Malware removal is a commonly requested service, and we are uniquely qualified to do it because of our experience and relationship oriented business model. We will never overcharge you to do your virus removal, and we are confident that we can provide you with virus removal services quicker and more reliably than our competition. 

For more information about malware see our tip lost on our blog, or contact us to set up a meeting today!


Structured Cabling

        We also specialize in structured cabling. We can help you get your office or building ready for your new network or phone system (see our VoIP services) quickly. We can also help you order and setup a server, network rack, and any other network equipment for your new office that you may need. We understand that getting your building set up on time is extremely important, so let us help you get on your feet!

         We also specialize in structured cabling. You've just got your new office built! First thing, you sit down at your computer, but oh no! There is no internet! Adding Ethernet wiring now will be a long process! If only you had done it earlier when running Ethernet wire was much easier (and cheaper). If you are building your new office, give us a call and ask about our structured cabling services! Ethernet wiring is one of our featured services because of our experience. We provide structured cabling services to any and all of our clients who have a need for it. Ethernet wiring is one of the most import parts of building your new office and often times after it is complete, more Ethernet drops, or connections, are need. Let us provide you with the professional structured cabling services you need to get your new office up and running in no time.  Ethernet is a physical connection to your network, and because of this it is much faster than WiFi or any wireless alternative.  It is important to do your structured cabling while your office is still under construction,  as this is the easiest time to do so. Structured cabling involves creating a hole in the dry wall of your building, doing Ethernet wiring through the building and back to your network rack.  Obviously, it is much better to have all the wires hidden, and letting us do your structured cabling while construction is underway will make this much easier. Once your construction is complete, structured cabling is much more difficult because we must work around everything that is already in the office. Before you have moved in there is much more space to work. Structured cabling is some of our favorite work to do because we love to get in on the ground floor with our clients! Building a new office? Call us in to do your structured cabling! We can get your business network and telephone ready in no time. We are the Oklahoma City experts who have the knowledge, experience, and tools to do your structured cabling right! 

Are you in need of our structured cabling services? Contact us today!