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Who We Are

Our story…

Established in May of 2008 to meet the need in the OKC metro market for a full range of general managed IT services for small to medium sized business, Aspire Business Solutions was born.  Little did we know at the time that we started a business in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  We not only survived, but continue to grow.


Our values…

Our success has been due in no small part to close adherence to a set of values that puts client needs ahead of our own.  Those values are:


Relationships - We are relationship oriented (rather than transaction oriented) and seek clients who are as well.  McDonalds has customers (transactions); we seek clients (relationships).  We are not trying to "sell" you anything.  We want to help you and your business succeed because If you succeed, then we succeed.  This value extends to our staff.  Happy staff makes happy clients. We want to do everything we can to attract and retain the best and the brightest technicians and engineers.  This helps us help you.


Service - We work for you, not the other way around.  We commit to come along side you and guide you as needed through the ever changing world of technology.  Information about your network will be available to you anytime you (and you only) want it from our secure web site.  You will have access to all your logins and passwords from all your servers, switches and routers.  You will have access to our client portal that will give you visibility into the tickets we are working on for you, the time budget established, time spent and details on every time record.  At our heart, we are servants.  We are trusted confidants that endeavor to advise and serve you to the best of our ability.


Integrity - If IT service providers cannot be honest, open and above reproach, then none of the things above make any difference at all.  We maintain a high level of integrity when handling and securing sensitive data.  We have business and cyber liability policies that protect our clients.  We rigorously screen our prospective employees, including OSBI and national criminal background checks.  We will always do our best to understand and implement software that is properly and legally licensed.  We are committed to always be sensitive to the charges for our services and will be prepared to explain them.  If we cannot explain a charge to your satisfaction, we will issue a credit.  We want to nurture and maintain your trust which we see as our most valuable asset.


Availability - Simply put … we answer the phone.  If we are assisting another client, we return your phone call the same day.  We answer emails within the same day, usually within minutes.  Seems like a simple idea, but it is a value that has made us stand out from other service providers.


Our clients…

We specialize (but are certainly not limited to) the construction, legal and medical industries.  We mention this because we can bring extra value in these industries since we have many clients in that space.  We know what works for others in these industries and can bring that special knowledge to your business.   [click here to see what our clients have to say about us...]


What We Do

What we do …

We provide a full range of IT managed services for small to medium sized business in the local OKC metro area.  Simply put, we are an IT department for companies that cannot justify the expense of one IT professional let alone a whole staff. 


The "IT gap" ... 

When a company gets started, the owner typically does their own IT work.  As their business grows they may hand some of this off to other employees in the organization.  Typically, these are not IT professionals, but can manage for a time.  Over time, a business will grow into a situation where the IT needs are too much for in-house staff to manage, either because a lack of time and/or experience.  A professional is needed, but there is not enough IT work to keep them busy nor to justify the expense.  We call this the "IT gap" -- too much work to handle inside, but not enough work to hire a full time IT pro. 


Aspire Business Solutions fills the "IT gap".  


Full service ...

We can do virtually any IT task that your business needs to be performed.  If there is some expertise we don’t have in house, we will refer you to someone who can help you.  We have many friends in the OKC metro area and can draw on vast resources to help find solutions for your business.



What We Expect From You ...

Our ideal clients engage us in an ongoing business relationship.  We are not geared to provide one time "break/fix" solutions.  An ideal client uses us at least once month for at least an hour.  Because we don't have monthly support agreements and have adopted a "pay-as-you-go" model, we prefer to remain always available to those clients who are actively engaged with us in an ongoing business relationship.


What IT Costs

Standard Rates: 


Rates are charged based on technical role in 15 minute increments with a 15 minute minimum.


Rates by Technical Role:

  • Apprentice Rate: $62.50/hour

  • Systems Technician Rate: $125.00/hour

  • Systems Administrator Rate: $150.00/hour

  • Systems Engineer Rate: $225.00/hour


Emergency service:  Billed at standard rates

After hours service:  Billed at standard rates

Travel charge: Billed at standard rates to the work site


Not-To-Exceed (NTE) and Time & Materials (T&M) quotes ... 

For large, costly projects we will, on request, prepare a "Not-To-Exceed" (NTE) quote.  The NTE quote is not an estimate; it is a fixed cost that ABS commits to charge for a written scope of work*.  If our time expense falls below the NTE amount, we will only charge the amount of time actually worked.  If the time expense is in excess of the NTE quote amount, we will only charge the amount of the NTE quote.  This protects you from possible over-runs.  Otherwise, all quotes are based on time and materials (T&M).  Estimates are simply our best attempt to set a reasonable expectation of the expense anticipated to complete a scope of work.  We do strive to complete all projects below estimate whether NTE or T&M.


Pay-As-You-Go ...

You pay for experienced IT professionals only as you need them.  We don’t have pre-paid block time agreements or fixed re-occurring monthly fees or service contracts.  If you don’t need us, you don’t pay us.  When you need us, we are ready to respond.


*Approved changes to scope of work may result in changes to the NTE amount.


Getting Started

Getting Started...


Step 1) Lets meet.  We would like to spend 30 minutes to an hour discussing your specific technology challenges and how ABS can help your business.  There is no charge for this visit.


Step 2) If it seems like we are a good fit, we would like to begin our business relationship by completing a site survey and IT audit.  The purpose of this engagement is to …

- Inventory and document all IT infrastructure (PCs, servers, switches, routers, etc)

- Evaluate your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations.  This coupled with whatever objectives we discussed during the initial consult will be the launching point for our IT efforts within your business.


Don't wait for a crisis to call.  Call (405-494-0828) or email (info@aspireokc.com) today to schedule an appointment.


                   Testimonials:  Here are a few comments from some of our clients...


"ABS helped us through a disaster.  In June of 2010 our offices flooded in about 30 inches of water.  This took out our servers and most of our desktop machines.  The folks at ABS mobilized to help us put together a makeshift network in temporary offices and provided a loaner server to restore our data on in order to get us up and running within a couple days.  They were our liaison to Dell and worked closely with them to get our machines replaced and onsite within a short period of time.


There are many times that we will have an issue with a particular desktop and one of the ABS staff will connect remotely to resolve the issue within hours.  Other issues require an onsite visit and those situations are handled with great care.  There have been times when a lower priority issue of ours was delayed to accommodate another client’s emergency and the converse has also been true.  We are always communicated with when those times occur.  We have never been left wondering what is happening with support." - Greg Clifford, Vice president, Rudy Construction Co.


"Aspire Business Solutions has been a blessing to us here at Asbury Medical Supply.  Having them on my team allows me to focus on the things in my business that deserve my attention, while relying on them to handle the IT components.  They have always treated me like a partner; looking out for our best interests in both price consciousness and efficiency.  They are highly competent, dependable and respectful, and we’re better equipped to serve our customers in having this relationship with them.  What I appreciate about them the most is their ability to not only fix problems and put out those emergency fires that inevitably arise but also to have vision and look forward addressing issues before they become major problems." - Jeff Meziere, Asbury Medical Supply (note: in 2014 Asbury Medical Supply was purchased by a company that had thier own in house IT.  We assisted to transition all our institutional IT knowledge to the new owner and no longer service this account.)


"Aspire Business Solutions has been a valuable service provider that is responsive, reliable and courteous.  They have provided with us with economical IT solutions and played an important role in helping us achieve our company’s goals over the last couple of years."  - Chris Tripp, Office Survey Coordinator, Dodson-Thompson-Mansfield


"I began working with Aspire several years ago when my firm had 7 or 8 users in a single location. Since that time our user number has more than tripled and we are in multiple locations. Aspire has provided excellent guidance and support to me as my firm's IT needs have become more complex. Not only is Aspire responsive to our day-to-day support needs, I think of them as my outsourced CTO, providing practical, straight-forward analysis and guidance that is invaluable to me on a strategic planning level. Aspire has been an instrumental part of my firm's success over the past few years and the IT infrastructure they have engineered for Bass Law has put us on solid footing to continue our growth. If you are looking for a responsive, capable, and practical IT partner for your business, then I highly recommend Aspire Business Solutions."  - A. Gabe Bass, Managing Partner, Bass Law Firm


"We have enjoyed working with ABS because they deliver what we need at a reasonable price and timeframe.  When we need help, they are accessible and courteous.  They speak the language of IT and have been helpful in talking to other technology service providers on our behalf to help us get setup the way we want."  - Steve Davis, Owner, One Electric


Dan: "Hi Andy, When you get a chance, can you make sure we are backing up the new SQL server?"

Andy: "Hi Dan, Already taken care of."

Dan: "Wow! You're awesome! (Just string those three sentences together and there's the testimonial I've been meaning to write!)" - Dan Wilson, CEO, Clear Sight LASIK



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