Top Four Tips from IT Professionals to Avoid Getting a Virus Tip #1 - Keep your anti-virus up to dat

According to CNN over 1,000,000 new malware threats were released every day last year. Even though most people know to have at least some form of anti-virus, often times they still become infected! What gives? This is a question we hear all the time from people who have been infected. Here is some advice from the OKC IT professionals on why something goes wrong and a computer can become infected, despite having an antivirus program.

You get to work in the morning, sit down at your computer and try to open your files – but oh no! They’re missing! Then you get a message saying that your files and computer are being locked by ransomware and you need to pay before you can access them! How did this happen? The PC you bought came with antivirus protection already installed! Shouldn’t it have protected you? While it’s easy to go to your local electronics store, buy some antivirus software, and think that you are safe, or even use what comes installed on your computer, the reality is that it is a little more work than that to keep your PC safe. It is just as important to update your antivirus software so that it is current and to regularly run scans of your PC. Failing to do so puts you at risk.

Every day, hackers work on creating new viruses to get around the current standard of antivirus protection. Not to fear! The good folks on the other side are working just as hard, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t keep up with their changes. Don’t let the fight become one sided. Keep your antivirus strong!

Of course if you need help setting up your antivirus software you should always contact the OKC IT professionals, Aspire Business Solutions. Stay tuned for the next tip!

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