Top Four Tips from IT Professionals to Avoid Getting a Virus #4 - Get an ad blocker

One of the most overlooked ways to help reduce viruses is to use an ad blocker. There are many popular choices out there that can help reduce the risk of an accidental click that could lead to a virus, or can even block popup requests for payment or other things that could try to coerce you into giving out your money!

Imagine you are doing some research into a problem you are dealing with at work, or looking up a new recipe to cook for dinner tonight. When you click on a page that you want to view, even from a site that you trust, a pop-up appears saying that you are infected and that the message will not go away until you pay some money, or that you can sign up for a contract with a company to help keep you clean and protected!

It may look fairly realistic, like the fake blue screen of death above, or it could be just a simple window that pops up and asks for payment or for you to call a number. The goal of these ads is to convince you to contact them and willingly give up your information. Ad blockers can save you from this type of attack by blocking the messages in the first place. Again, if you’re not sure, your IT department is always your best friend. Both ad blockers mentioned above are free, so you don’t need to spend a dime to help protect yourself!

It can be a little tiresome, but staying protected is well worth it! And remember, if you get infected, contact the professionals at Aspire Business Solutions right away, and don’t put yourself at any further risk! And thanks for reading our tip list!

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