Top Four Tips from IT Professionals to Avoid Getting a Virus #2 - Pay attention to the warnings

Unfortunately, there will always be one weakness in any antivirus software – us. No matter how good of a job Windows Defender or your antivirus software does, we always have the power to override it, making us one of the biggest threats to ourselves! We’ve all seen the warning from Windows that the site we are going to is not secure, and that we should consider turning back.

But how often do we listen to it? Most of the time, if there is something we really want to see we, will just ignore the warning and continue on anyway. “Windows keeps deleting that file I just downloaded and marking it as a threat! But I really want to try out this new game! I’ll just turn it off for a second so that I can open it!” This is a mistake! Ignoring the warning signs means that you are overriding your computer's attempts to keep you safe. Make sure to pay attention and heed your computer's warnings!

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