Summit Technology Affiliates

Aspire Business Solutions is proud to partner with Summit and highly recommend them as a trusted service provider. We believe them to be the trusted expert in their area of service and many of our clients enjoy working with them as well.

Summit Technology Affiliates

Date Established: 1987

Number of Employees: 50

Product/Service: Office Equipment, Business Technology & Automation Solutions


Twitter: @Summit_Family

Facebook: @SummitFamilyOKC


As a local company with strong ambitions for growth, Summit Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc. chose to locate in Edmond because the city seemed to share a similar outlook on the future of the economy and a sense of community. Established in 1987, Summit provides office equipment, business technology and automation solutions to clients.

The average tenure of Summit's 50 person team is 12 years and everyone in a leadership role began their careers with the company in entry level positions, including recently appointed president, Cory Brown.

Following Summit's success in the local market with the development and implementation of business automation software, the company has collaborated with Neopost USA in the launch of its powerful and robust protégé, OMS500. In the coming months, Summit will be hosting seminars to educate business leaders on the automation of document processes.

As trusted technology advisers with vast knowledge of clients' goals and challenges, Summit will continue to educate them on new technology. The company is currently planning events centered on continuing technology education that will be held at Summit's corporate office at 500 Enterprise Drive in Edmond in the future.

The company's goals for the future include continued growth into new markets with an emphasis on empowering employees to be active and involved in their local communities. Summit recognizes that companies are working to communicate with clients in a way that is most effective and provides a return on investment. The company will continue to be a resource in the ever evolving business technology field.

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