Have you considered VoIP?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is a smart phone system that uses your existing computer network instead of conventional phone lines. Due to the value of a VoIP system and the local technology considerations because of unpredictable weather here in Oklahoma City, Aspire Business Solutions always presents our clients with the option to implement a VoIP system. Communication is key for business. Your sales person could get that important voicemail from his/her desk phone to his/her email on their cell phone instead of waiting to find out it went cold by the next morning. Your employees could forward their office phones to their cell phones instead of risking driving to the office on slick roads during a winter storm. If you combine a VoIP system with remote desktop setup, you have a mobile workforce on demand. There are many benefits of VoIP. Our clients find VoIP systems to be well worth the cost.

Some of the benefits of VoIP are:


- Your existing Ethernet network will carry the signal for your VoIP phones and computers.

- Each workstation only needs one network drop instead of separate drops for data and phone.

- You no longer need a "phone guy" because your Aspire Business Solutions team can support your phones as well as all your other networking/IT needs.


- Voicemail messages left on your office phone can be sent to your email account.

- Allows hot desking and roaming – your users can move their phones anywhere in the building and plug in without the phone guy having to come out and re-patch their line or reconfigure the phone system.


- Easily add a new phone anywhere you have a network drop in your building.

- Add phones to your remote offices and keep them in the same phone system over VPN, multi-site VoIP systems.

- Old phone systems are stuck on expensive, proprietary hardware.

- You can turn a low end (inexpensive) server into a VoIP phone server and have compatibility with most handsets.

- Adding custom phone system features is easy and doesn't require "upgrading" or buying feature packs.

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss options for switching your phone system to a VoIP phone system.

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